Real Estate Annuity

"Real estate annuity - real estate in old age!"

You have created your own four walls and furnished them comfortably so that you do not want to move out!

However, as a property owner, you also realize that a lot of capital is tied up here and that this capital could also be used for other things as you get older.

This could be, among other things,

… to pay off old debts!

… to be able to carry out a conversion!

… to create accessibility!

… to be able to take advantage of a nursing service!

… to make the long-awaited journey!

… or support your own family!

… etc.

What to do? Sell ​​the property?

Could be possible! An alternative is to access the value of your own property and still continue to live in your own home!

Keyword: "real estate annuity"

The real estate annuity is therefore an interesting alternative to the classic sale of a house.

Here we work together with the largest market leaders and can offer you tailor-made solutions.

The sequence:

After an individual and non-binding consultation by one of our cooperation partners, an appraisal of your property will be commissioned. It is prepared by an external and independent expert.

This report forms the basis for determining your real estate annuity. In addition to the value of the house or apartment, your age and gender as well as the costs for property management are included in the calculation. Any existing mortgages are also taken into account so that you can redeem them early.

You will then receive an individually tailored contract offer with the final calculated annuity. If you agree to the offer, the joint notarial certification of the real estate annuity contract takes place. At the same time, your lifelong right of residence is anchored in the land register and the pension payment is secured as a real burden. Thus, a loss of use of the familiar property is excluded.

Find out more in a personal conversation or request non-binding information material in advance.

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