How much is your property worth

do you know the value of your property ?

Perhaps you are or have been in a similar situation - you are considering selling or renting your property. However, so that you can also determine the right price and not pay too much money later or give it away, a correct appraisal of the value is very important!

How is it in practice?

You look in the newspaper, on the Internet and look for comparable properties. The project is discussed with family, friends, acquaintances and other people.

Everyday life as a real estate agent

In everyday real estate life, we as brokers often hear, "...yes, my neighbor, but he sold his property for ... euros! If he has already sold his property at this price, then I must get at least … euros for mine.”

This may sometimes be the case, but is it always the case? Probably not! Often more is told than is actually there.


Real estate is different, just like us humans. Each of us has a different taste, a different idea.

In addition, a large number of additional parameters are decisive, such as e.g

It is therefore not always possible to say immediately at what price a property can be sold.

In addition, there are several variants when assessing the value of real estate, but not the variant that is the all-important one.

So why not request your real estate appraisal now and find out how much your real estate is currently worth?

In the course of our work, we have viewed a large number of properties - properties that were far lower from the point of view of the real value method than in relation to the comparative value method!

Only a correct price assessment will allow you to market successfully in the end.

Basically it is recommended - to take a professional with you!

So get in touch with us right away and let us discuss your project without obligation.

We look forward to you.

Your Mainhattan real estate team.

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